Pre-programmed lender guidelines

You are able to automatically structure deals, on your entire inventory, based on your lender's approvals, pricing and guidelines:

  • Tier • Rate • Eligible Units • Back-End Products
  • Max Payment • Term • Term Extensions • Back-End Restrictions
  • Advance • Fees • Rate Buy-down  

Pre-programmed lender guidelines enable all talent levels to quickly and properly structure deals.

Optimize your approvals

By structuring deals on your entire inventory, DeskIt™:

  • Matches customers credit risk with
    collateral risk that lenders prefer

  • Uncovers deal structures that
    cover today's higher bank fees...
    even at reduced advances!

  • Presents a complete view of profit
    including front and back-end



Make more deals and
increase profit

  • Instantly see Profit, Advance,
    Payment, Finance Info and
    Buyers Order

Real-time monitoring of deal structures

  • See Structure Status for every deal:
    Complete, Incomplete or

  • Prioritized warnings for out-of-
    structure deals.

  • Increase gross by $600 - $800+
    per copy

Improve your subprime experience

  • Finding the right vehicle for each
    customer's situation has never
    been easier

DeskIt™ puts the experience and expertise of a seasoned subprime staff at your fingertips

  • Precisely apply or adjust back-end
    eliminating the current trial and
    error process

  • Simultaneously roll (payment or
    amount financed) against multiple
    variables and preserve profit

  • Easily fix out-of-structure deals


Inventory Integration

  • Download inventory from many popular systems: Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP, Arkona and more.

  • Book out vehicles with NADA, Kelly Blue Book and Black Book.

DeskIt’s™ patented technology and intuitive design
makes it easy for users of any experience to:

  • Find more approvals
  • Make more deals and increase profit

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